Carpe Diem

‘Focus on the good and the good increases’

Finally, the year 2020 has come to an end. The year that we are
probably going to remember forever. The catch here is that the year has been memorable not just because of the emergency created by the pandemic but also because of the opportunity that many people got to cherish what actually matters in life and also that life matters.

If we just rewind a year and recall our thoughts, everyone was
celebrating the end of the decade like a new chapter of the book,
completely unaware of what was waiting for us. Well, we can talk and talk about how the pandemic and the lockdown disrupted our lives and turned them upside down but still even this cloud has a silver
lining. For instance, many working professionals who could barely give time to themselves and their families actually got a golden opportunity to catch up on what they had been missing for so long.
Of course, while this situation was not all hunky-dory but still like
everything else it had its pros and cons. Certainly as human beings we tend to care more about the cons than pros, however none can deny that such an exceptional situation might not be back anytime in near future. The best thing that I saw is that people around started understanding the meaning of the age old saying, “Health is Wealth.” We understood that movies can be enjoyed without theatres and fast
food is not the best thing that we can eat.

People started doing domestic chores to better utilize their time and sometimes even for fun! We learnt that exercises can be done
anywhere and gym is not a necessity to keep the body fit. Skincare could be done without going to salons and work from home can also be efficient. Although, it took time for us to get used to everything, now it seems like the “New Normal”.

More than anything else we got a chance to understand that family
and our loved ones – the ones we care about are of the primary
importance. The fact that we all couldn’t have survived this
unprecedented situation if we hadn’t had one another’s backs.
As we have entered in this brand-new year of 2021, there’s new hope in the air and hearts of people. Vaccines are going to hit the ground sooner or later and all this disbalance and uncertainty will come to an end. However, we must learn to start looking at the bigger picture and value the things that are actually worth it. We certainly have to get up and get ready to go back to the races we were running earlier, but the difference this time should be that now we must take into consideration what we are running for.

And of course, as a wise man once said, “Carpe Diem – Seize the
Day”, because the fact is that we only live once and we have to
cherish all those wonderful experiences which we call LIFE.


StepOne volunteer, Parishti Kaushik is a law student studying at GNLU, Gandhinagar. She has a passion for writing and likes to put forth her views on unconventional matters.

Parishti Kaushik

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