Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Project StepOne is a platform which aims to provide increased access to healthcare providers. By using the Project StepOne platform, patients agree to the following:

General Terms and Conditions of Service.

1. All telemedicine consultations through Project StepOne platforms are provided by independent volunteer Registered Medical Professionals (“RMP”) who are not employed by or agents of Project StepOne. Project StepOne does not take responsibility for the advice given or treatments prescribed by volunteer RMPs on its platform.

2. All telemedicine consultation provided by volunteer RMPs through the Project StepOne platform are provided free of charge to patients. No professional or administrative fees shall be collected from patients for the same. Patients
shall not make any payment to any person who claims to be acting on behalf of or for the Project StepOne platform.

3. All medical consultation provided by the RMP shall be strictly in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations as notified by the Government of India and other public authorities. Volunteers RMPs shall be solely responsible for any medical advice and prescription issued by them to patients.

4. Where a tele-consultation has been initiated by a patient, it shall be assumed that the patient has provided consent to avail medical services of the volunteer RMPs through telemedicine. Should a patient wish to withdraw such consent, they must do so explicitly and in such an event the volunteer RMPs shall cease the tele-consultation with immediate effect.

5. A volunteer RMP may refuse further tele-consultation or treatment without physical examination of the patient either through video-conferencing or in-
person visit to the volunteer RMP or designated healthcare worker.

6. Project StepOne and volunteer RMPs shall not take any responsibility for the
accuracy of information provided by patients during the course of a tele-consultation and shall accept no liability for any injury, damage, or loss that is caused by inaccurate information provided by a patient during the course of a tele-consultation. Patients shall be asked to verify the information recorded by an RMP during the course of a tele-consultation and shall do so in order for the consultation to continue.

7. Volunteer RMPs shall only prescribe medication or treatments in accordance
with the Telemedicine Guidelines notified as Appendix 5 of the Code of Medical Ethics. Neither Project StepOne nor volunteer RMPs shall take responsibility for a patient’s inability to adhere to the requirements prescribed
therein for issuance of a prescription.

8. Project StepOne and volunteer RMPs reserve the right to immediately terminate a tele-consultation due to improper requests or consultations sought
by patients.

9. Only adults may seek consultation through the Project StepOne platform. In case a minor patient requires a tele-consultation, it shall be provided only when a parent or guardian is present and identifies themselves as such.

10. Project StepOne shall adopt all necessary measures in accordance with law to ensure that data and information shared by patients is kept secure from breach or unauthorized dissemination. However, please note that Project StepOne and the volunteer RMPs shall not be responsible in the event that
confidential personal information of a patient is compromised by reason of a
technology breach or due to the actions of a person other than the volunteer

11. All information posted on this website does not constitute medical advice, and we are not liable for reliance placed on such material by any person.

Intellectual Property

12. All information posted on this website as well as the site itself is owned by us. Any use of the material should be in accordance with the applicable laws, including but not restricted to the Copyright Act, 1957 and its Rules. Any breach of the applicable law shall be followed with the appropriate legal action by Project StepOne.

Written Communication

13. The applicable laws prescribe that certain communications with patients must be done in writing. Such written communication may be made in electronic form through e-mail, SMS, or instant messaging. Patients agree that when required to do so they shall take all necessary steps to communicate in writing with the volunteer RMPs and the Project StepOne platform. Failure to do so shall result in suspension or termination of a tele-consultation.

Jurisdiction and Applicable Laws

14. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws applicable to India, and any dispute that shall arise from the same shall be subject to the
jurisdiction of the courts in Bangalore. However, Project StepOne reserves the right to initiate action for breach of these terms and conditions in the appropriate Courts of the city/state/country where a party may have committed a breach.