Volunteers of the Week​

Abhishek Prasad​

For the amount of work and dedication Abhishek has done over the past few months in the state signup effort. Signing Manipur and Latur, also working on the implementation part of it. He has immense zeal and dedication to get things done. For helping us add more people to the State Signup Team.

Priya K S

For her tireless efforts in ensuring StepOne received multiple endorsements from various National & State Medical Associations. Thanks to her, we now have 15 National and 18 State Medical Associations who have endorsed us. She has been working on Individual Doctor calls, communicating to them about StepOne and motivating doctors to start Volunteering for StepOne. She also contributed to the efforts of calling dormant doctor- volunteers and reactivating them.

Sangeetha BN

Sangeeta has been an active volunteer in StepOne and was initially involved in the Central DRM process as well as Delhi Plasma donor feedback process. She has taken up a major role in handling implementation of StepOne solutions across districts such as Cuddalore, Satara and Nagpur. As part of the Launch Team of StepOne her work in management of doctors and screeners, setting up processes for implementation of solutions and also government collaborations is truly commendable.

Abu Huraira Shaikh

For setting up the KA mental health counsellors team and the helpline operations. He moved on to lead the entire Puducherry operations wherein he was modelled a new paradigm in which the goverment provided all the resources to do the end-to-end management of COVID using StepOne platform.Abu was able to provide leadership to 220 teachers, 40 government doctors, 15+ PHC officers, 3 hospital admin staff and numerous others on the power of participating on a single platform rather than in silos. This has helped in consolidating the administration of COVID management by the war room.

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