Delhi Plasma Recipient

Message For Recipient

Greetings from Stepone-Delhi Government Plasma Helpline. We have received your plasma request. Though we are currently searching for a plasma donor for you, it might take a considerable amount of time as we have multiple requests in the queue. 

We highly advise you to find a plasma donor by yourself (ANY BLOOD GROUP). You can reach out to us to expediate the Plasma exchange process at ILBS Delhi.

Kindly follow the below steps for Plasma exchange process at ILBS Delhi (Vasant Kunj).

Step 1:  Fill the five forms (Form 1-5). These forms are required to be filled by the hospital where the patient is.

NOTE: Hospital must stamp all the forms failing which plasma shall not be given *Very Important*

Step 2: Collect the blood sample of the patient from the hospital concerned. Make sure the sample is kept properly with care in ice box. Make sure it bears the name of the patient, UID of the patient and the date on which sample is collected. *VERY IMPORTANT*

Step 3: Make sure you have the copy of Aadhaar Card of the patient and plasma collector. You will need 2 hard copies if the plasma donor and collector is the same person.

Step 4: Find the donor. Important: the donor’s blood group does NOT matter for the purpose of securing plasma from Govt of Delhi Institute’s plasma bank. It is a barter system where you give them any blood group plasma and they give you the plasma of the right blood group.

Step 5: Make sure the donor has his/her Aadhaar Card copy and Covid+ report. Carry the hard copy, if not carry the soft copy. Hospital will facilitate the printing.

Step 6: Visit the ILBS Institute, Vasant Kunj. The Institute will check all the documents of the patients and then verify them. Then, it will make the donor fill few forms. Make sure after verification your documents are duly stamped by the registration counter.

Step 7: Visit the Plasma Bank (in the same Institute) at second floor. They will perform necessary tests and then give you the plasma of the required blood group if the donor’s medical tests are okay. Please note the process may take upto 4 hours.

Replacement Donor Eligibility

While arranging for a replacement donor, please check eligibility of the donor. The prospective donor should NOT have:

1. Donated blood within last 6 months

2. Received blood transfusion

3. Body weight below 50 kg

4. Open cuts, wounds, or any injury

5. Animal bite

6. Any Vaccination

7. Any surgery in last 1 year 

8. Tooth extraction, Dental Surgery

9. Kidney stone, Liver stone, Diabetes, Thyroid, Bladder stone 

10. Asthma, Sinusitis

11. High or Low BP

12. Hemoglobin HB level less than 12.5

13. Tattoo less than 1 year old

14. Alcohol, drugs intake in last 24 – 48 hrs

15. CardioVascular/ Heart Disease

16. Cancer, Hepatitis B, HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea

17. TB Tuberculosis, Spine TB

18. Conjunctivitis,  Osteomyelitis

19. Malaria, Typhoid, Jaundice, Dengue

20. Anxiety, Depression, Schizophrenia, Migraine, Epilepsy, Fungal infection/Skin allergy

21. Women who have ever been pregnant / had abortion cannot donate plasma

Replacement Donor Process


Please follow the below steps for Plasma Replacement process:

STEP 1: Check eligibility of the replacement donor. 

STEP 2: Register as a replacement donor at ILBS (Vasant Kunj). Kindly note, the donor must 

  • Bring a hard copy of the COVID-19 positive report ( Rapid Antigen Test or RT PCR) within four months of the day of donation as it is a mandatory requirement.

  • Donate only after 14 days of a COVID-19 positive report if he/ she is asymptomatic, or after 14 days of symptom resolution if he/she is symptomatic.

  • A COVID-19 negative report is preferable. If not available, the test may be done at ILBS but will take additional time.

  • Persons who have received any COVID-19 vaccination will not be able to donate for 28 days from the date of vaccination.

  • Antibody Titres will be measured at ILBS and there is a possibility that the donor gets rejected if he/she lacks adequate antibodies in the blood.

  • A photocopy of Aadhaar card (both sides)is required for documentation

STEP 3: Blood sample and medical check done by ILBS

STEP 4: Wait for report. If the report is clear, the donor can proceed for plasma donation.

Time Taken : Approx 4 hours (First come first Serve Basis)

Thank you. Have a Great Day, Plasma Team – StepOne